5 easy actions for lead generation on the beach!

By Benno Pieters


Imagine meeting a very interesting person on the beach and you get to talk about what you do and what your business is about. It appears that you may be of use to each other business-wise and you want to meet up after the holidays. You don’t have your business cards with you because you are in your bikini or swimming trunk. Business cards and seawater do not make a good combination. What to do? Here is where technology and ‘the Cloud’ come to the rescue!


It is just recently, less than 5 years ago, that lead generation on the beach has been made easy. How? By using your smartphone and having a positive personality! In the past chances were you would forget to follow up because you didn’t get to give each other a business card.

With the advent of smartphones things are radically different now. You don’t bring business cards  to the beach, but your smartphone has become an item you cannot be without! Times have changed. The need to be connected every moment of the day has got the better of us.

So whilst you may debate the merits of this development in society, it is a fact of life that an estimated 80% of the people bring their smartphone when they go to the seaside. Using this fact and sensing a business opportunity you can do the following:

  1. Look them up on linkedin and connect (shows your serious interest)
  2. Connect via whatsapp and (being available)
  3. Make a picture of you two together drinking cocktails and send it via Whatsap (for becoming top of mind)
  4. Make a note in your Smartphone for your subject of conversation (should you forget)
  5. Make a provisional appointment in your online agenda (to make sure to meet each other professionally)

Using the wonders of present day technology, the cloud helps you to register and track your leads with no more than 5 minutes of effort. Next you can look up your new contact up on Facebook and other social networks. You may have a sneak preview of their website to inform yourself of their business. No doubt he or she will do the same so make sure your digital presence is in order.

From experience I know that your business meeting wil be lot more effective and yield quicker results!


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