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01. Benno Pieters

Founder & director
In 2008 Benno set up Aurium Commerce and set out to help small companies grow larger. Using his 25 years experience of marketing, sales and product development he created a number of training and coaching programs to transfer the knowledge to the customers. In 2010 he published the book ‘On becoming a Brand’ and since then he has become an authority in Online Branding.

Benno has 3 degrees in Engineering, Management and Business Administration.

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02. Renata Colic

Director R&B Europe
Renata is an experienced entrepreneur and people manager. In 2012 she teamed up with Benno to set up R&B Europe and together they created the concept of a ‘Webshop/App in a Box’. It is based on Online Branding to generate traffic to a ready made Online Store. It gives the possibility for every entrepreneur to operate worldwide. Renata loves teaching her views on entrepreneurship and transferring her knowledge to entrepreneurs.

Renata has a degree in law and is mother of a lovely daughter.

Item No.

03. Helena Blum

Director HB Branding.
Helena is entrepreneur and specialises on internal communication within companies. In 2014 she teamed up with Benno Pieters to set up HB Branding with a focus of Branding and business development for small companies in the Dutch Market. She further developed the concept of the Laptop  Lifestyle for HB Branding and how people can use it to enrich their lives. Using the Online Branding, concept Helena and Benno developed the program ‘Your Business Online’ in both 1:1 coaching and video training.

Helena has 4 degrees in Psychology and Political Sciences. She is the mother of a lovely son.